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Bubble sort ajuda codigo

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Estou a elaborar o Bubble sort mas o codigo está a dar erro .... alguem que ajude

/*void bubble_as2 (int *x, int n);*/

.globl bubble_as2

/* assembler utilizado gas (x86 - Linux) */


pushl %ebp 

movl %esp, %ebp /* copia o qu esta no topo da pilha para a base da pilha */

movl 12(%ebp), %eax  /* tamanho -> %eax */

movl 8(%ebp), %ecx  /* início do vetor -> %ecx */

movl $4, %ebx

dec %eax

mul %ebx

addl %eax, %ecx /* %ecx aponta p/ o último do elemento do vetor */

pushl %ecx


movl $0, %edx

movl 8(%ebp), %ebx

movl %ebx, %eax

addl $4, %eax


cmp %eax, %ecx

jl _bubble_as2_l1_end

movl (%ebx), %ecx

cmp (%eax), %ecx

jl _bubble_as2_l2_end

/* troca */

movl (%eax), %edx

movl %edx, (%ebx)

movl %ecx, (%eax)

movl $1, %edx


movl %eax, %ebx

addl $4, %eax

movl (%esp), %ecx

jmp _bubble_as2_l2


cmp $0, %edx

je _bubble_as2_fim

popl %ecx

subl $4, %ecx

pushl %ecx

jmp _bubble_as2_l1




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