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O primeiro documento que levou à exploitation moderna


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Isto é um documento histórico criado por um do membros do cDc (cult of dead caw) e Ninja Strike Force em 1995 onde apresentou publicamente, penso que pela 1º vez pois isto até é tipo uma nota para ele próprio e acho que foi quem descobriu esta forma de intrusão...

How to write Buffer Overflows

This is really rough, and some of it is not needed. I wrote this as a reminder note to myself as I really didn't want to look at any more AT&T assembly again for a while and was afraid I would forget what I had done. If you are an old assembly guru then you might scoff at some of this... oh well, it works and that's a hack in itself.

-by mudge@l0pht.com 10/20/95



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