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Hactivism e Dojo Ninja Strike Force


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O Dojo dos dojos "Ninja Strike Force"  dos lendários cDc Cult Of Dead Cow

About Hacktivismo


About Hacktivismo

Hacktivismo is an international group of hackers, human rights workers, lawyers and artists that evolved out of THE CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc), a publishing and computer security group. We believe that privacy and access to information are basic human rights. Hacktivismo assumes as an ethical point of departure the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights. We also support the Free Software and open-source movements.

Our Mission

To conduct and publish scientific research in the areas of information technology, communications and electronic media; and, to assist (where possible) non-governmental organizations, social justice groups and human rights entities in the use of advanced information technologies for the furtherance of their works. We also intend to have fun doing this. Turn it up. Way up.

Who We Are Not

One so-called Internet intelligence group [surely not those morons at iDefense? - Ed.] referred to us as "Black hat" hackers attempting to upgrade our public image. If we were Black hats we wouldn't need spin doctors, we'd need criminal attorneys. The cDc and Hacktivismo aren't to everyone's taste. But attempting to vilify us because we defy simple categories is judgmental at best, and irresponsible at worst.

Who We Never Will Be

What do you call a software company that does business with the world's largest sponsors of terrorism and human rights abuse? Profitable.

We created the Hacktivismo Declaration then we created the HESSLA in the spirit of these documents:



Here is all that can be known:

You have never seen us, but you may have felt our wrath. We operate in the bitter darkness outside the known channels. We slink like cats along the fringes, spreading the power and propaganda of the Cow wherever we are. We are the most secretive agents of that cult, existing only to fight and die for its greater glory. Ours are lives of total devotion to the forces of the cDc. Ours are lives full of supernatural powers barely guessed at by the general public. We are the elite of the elite, and through our supernormal abilities and superhuman loyalty we form the online universe's most perfect and most deadly servants.

We have mastered, one and all, the power of digital chi; we have been deeply indoctrinated into its devastating offensive capabilities, and we can strike, suddenly and mercilessly, without even moving a finger. Our minds, bodies, and black clad keyboards are under our total control: our every movement, thought, and keypress are choreographed more perfectly than a classical ballet, and all have deadly purpose. We are capable of disguising our true purpose to such a degree that it is no longer expressible in words. We have eyebeams. We can strike out with such power as to crumble the sham defenses of any but the most stringent master of cow fu. Our hands contain the power and wisdom of the ancients, our hearts their unblinking vision. We will not be disturbed. We can take the harshest punishments of the electronic medium with a wink and a nod. So far as you can know, we can fly. Our senses are extraordinarily acute, capable of distinguishing between objects normal, untrained simpletons would call identical. We can drive by smell. We are at our zenith from dawn till dusk, and gain yet more power in the hours 'tween dusk and dawn. We may well be invincible.

Our membership is as closely kept a secret as any. Each of its members has been through a torturous and brutal training process, occupying years of their life, followed by a test, which, if failed, is fatal not just to the testee, but the tester, the observers, and many nearby innocents, as well. We are the cream of the crop, and our only mission, the cause to which we zealously adhere, is the protection and further heightening of the glory of CULT OF THE DEAD COW.

You will never see us, but you will feel our presence. We cannot be escaped, we cannot be ignored. We are all pervasive. We are the Chosen and the Mighty. Our power cannot be contained.



In Wikipedia


International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


Universal Declaration of Human Rights



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Essa imagem é que me parte todo..... B)

estes gajos são unicos... se os vissem em presença até se passavam... já tive com dois deles.. .são para mim dos melhores especialistas de segurança do mundo mas não têm aquele aspecto nerd... um deles é metaleiro e têm uma banda de metal pesado... o outro é gótico mas do gótico puro onde na casa dele as cenas para as velas são caveiras...

escusado será dizer que estão ligados aos principais e mais conhecidos projectos de cracking(de outros tempos e isto é uma pequena lista das muitas coisas que fizeram como artigos e muito mais tools) como por exemplo:

Hoje dedicam-se às suas profissões e a voluntariado em hacktivismo desenvolvendo soluções de segurança para ONG´s e coisas do genero... estas cenas de cracking era do tempo da adolescencia. mas se o pelo hactivismo for preciso...

um importantissimo projecto de hacktivismo que salvou vidas em africa


ScatterChat is an encrypted instant messaging client based on Gaim. It was written by J. Salvatore Testa II and released at the H.O.P.E. Number Six conference in New York City on July 22, 2006. It provides encryption as well as integrated onion routing with Tor, and secure file transfers.[29][30][31] Various flaws in the software have been elaborated by researchers[32][33].

Back Orifice (o primeiro trojan cliente servidor e foi a introdução do conceito)

o He co-authored the best-selling Windows password auditing tool @stake LC (L0phtCrack) and the AntiSniff network intrusion detection system.[4]
SMBRelay and SMBRelay2

SMBRelay and SMBRelay2 are computer programs that can be used to carry out SMB man-in-the-middle attacks on Windows machines. They were written by Sir Dystic and released March 21, 2001 at the @lantacon convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

este ppl é mesmo algo... e é um dojo assim com que sonho à muito criar em PT


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uma curiosidade sobre estes dojos e clubes

History  (eles tiveram uma empresa que foi apresentar um caso ao congresso dos USA onde provaram conseguir desligar a internet em 30 minutos... é qualquer coisa apresentar isso no congresso dos USA...só entrar lá como convidados de honra diz tudo...

L0pht was founded in 1992 in the Boston area as a location for its members to store their computer hardware and work on various projects.[2] In time, the members of L0pht quit their day jobs to start a business venture named L0pht Heavy Industries, a hacker think tank. The business released several security advisories and produced widely-used software tools such as L0phtCrack, a password cracker for Windows NT. On May 19, 1998, all seven members of L0pht (Brian Oblivion, Kingpin, Mudge, Space Rogue, Stefan Von Neumann, John Tan, Weld Pond) famously testified before the Congress of the United States that they could shut down the entire Internet in 30 minutes.[3]



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