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[RESOLVIDO] Podem-me compilar isto?

Ivo Pereira

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Se não reparaste no capítulo onde disse, diz para ser compilado em C# 🙂

Building the Wrapper

Before FMOD Ex can be used with VB.Net, a .dll file must be compiled using C# in Visual Studio .Net (Note: If you do not have this compiler, a link to a .dll is provided in the External Link section). This process will needs to repeated each time a new version of FMOD is made available.

To create a wrapper .dll, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a new C# Class Library project, say you name it "FMODWrapper".

  2. Change its namespace to FMODWrapper, (In project menu, "FMODWrapper properties", "Application" tab, "Namespace".

  3. Add the files "fmod.cs", "fmod_dsp.cs", "fmod_errors.cs" to your project,

  4. Build the .dll

The FMODWrapper.dll should now be available in your "bin\Release" folder

Estes ficheiros que é suposto serem adicionados ao produto final, podem ser encontrados após instalar este pacote:


Abraço e obrigado a quem me fizer este grande favor 😄

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