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WebBrowser a proxy


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Boas, tenho uma questão que acho que é compliado...

É assim, alguns sites tipo "fileshare" dao para usar proxyes, então fiz um programa que se actualiza com o site http://www.proxy4free.com/page1.html. Extrai a lista de proxyese vai mudando sozinho..

O problema é que o webbrowser nao tem nenhum opção para enfiar um proxy, alguem tem alguma sugestão?


Luis Lourenço

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já encontrei aqui http://vbdotnetforum.com/index.php?/topic/503-use-proxy-with-web-browser-control/

    <Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport("wininet.dll", SetLastError:=True)> _
Private Shared Function InternetSetOption(ByVal hInternet As IntPtr, ByVal dwOption As Integer, ByVal lpBuffer As IntPtr, ByVal lpdwBufferLength As Integer) As Boolean
        End Function

        Public Structure Struct_INTERNET_PROXY_INFO
                Public dwAccessType As Integer
                Public proxy As IntPtr
                Public proxyBypass As IntPtr
        End Structure

        Private Sub RefreshIESettings(ByVal strProxy As String)
                Const INTERNET_OPTION_PROXY As Integer = 38
                Const INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PROXY As Integer = 3

                Dim struct_IPI As Struct_INTERNET_PROXY_INFO

                ' Filling in structure
                struct_IPI.dwAccessType = INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PROXY
                struct_IPI.proxy = Marshal.StringToHGlobalAnsi(strProxy)
                struct_IPI.proxyBypass = Marshal.StringToHGlobalAnsi("local")

                ' Allocating memory
                Dim intptrStruct As IntPtr = Marshal.AllocCoTaskMem(Marshal.SizeOf(struct_IPI))

                ' Converting structure to IntPtr
                Marshal.StructureToPtr(struct_IPI, intptrStruct, True)

                Dim iReturn As Boolean = InternetSetOption(IntPtr.Zero, INTERNET_OPTION_PROXY, intptrStruct, System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.SizeOf(struct_IPI))
        End Sub

Não esqeucer de Importar Systems.Runtime.Interop

e usa-se


Luis Lourenço

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