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Rui Carlos

Spring School in Advanced Computing TACC @ UP

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Rui Carlos

2009 May 28-29, Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal

The Spring School in Advanced Computing TACC @ UP is an advanced workshop aiming to prepare researchers to take advantage of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources and tools, leading to innovative research. The workshop is given by a team from the Texas Advanced Computing Center at UT Austin, a leading HPC Center, and it is supported by the UT Austin - Portugal programme (CoLab).

The School is organized as a hands-on workshop with the following goals:

* strengthen the collaboration among Portuguese research groups and TACC at UT Austin.

training of researchers interested in using HPC resources.

* build expertise in advanced HPC programming and scientific visualization.

* experience in using a large scale HPC system

This School is a follow up of the 2008 Summer SuperComputing Institute held in the University of Coimbra and the 2009 Spring School in Advanced Computing being held at IST in Lisbon.

Targeted Audience

Master and PhD students, and researchers with a main background in computer science, computer engineering or computational science.


Full details can be found here.


The registration fee is 40 euros for participants that belong to institutions that are CoLab members (click here to see the list of CoLab members). This fee will be reimbursed at the end of the workshop, to the participants that attend the event. For participants coming from institutions that are not Colab members, the registration fee is 60 euros, non refundable. The registration will be open till May 27th. The pre-registration form can be found here.


Fernando Silva, University of Porto, Portugal

Inês Castro Dutra, University of Porto, Portugal

Ricardo Rocha, University of Porto, Portugal

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