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HTML2FPDF - Criação de Header e Footer de um arquivo em pdf


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Alguém sabe e pode me explicar como colocar o header e footer utilizando a class HTML2FPDF?

eu tento assim:

class pdf extends html2fpdf {
	function Header() {
			//  Logo
			$this -> Image('../images/logo.gif',10,10,33);
			//   Arial bold 15
		    $this -> SetFont('Arial','B',13);
			//Calculate width of title and position
			$w = $this->GetStringWidth($title)+6;
			$this -> SetX((210-$w)/2); 
			//   Move to the right
			//  $this->Cell(80);
			//   Title
		    $this -> Cell($w,9,$title,0,0,'C',1); 
			//   Line break
		    $this -> Ln(20);

	function Footer() {
		//To be implemented in your own inherited class
		//   Position at 1.5 cm from bottom
	    $this -> SetY(-15);
		//  Arial italic 8
	    $this -> SetFont('Arial','I',8);
		//  Page number
	    $this -> Cell(0,10,'Page '.$this->PageNo().'/{nb}',0,0,'C');

$pdf = new html2fpdf();
$pdf -> AliasNbPages();
$pdf -> AddPage();
$pdf -> SetFont('Arial', '', 12);
        $line = '<table id="comp_portfolio">
			<td align="left" colspan="2">
        $pdf -> writehtml($line);
$pdf -> Output('List.pdf', 'D');

mas o problema é que não acontece nada :S

Se me pudessem ajudar, agradecia 😉

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