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A magazine from Portugal

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our names are Vivi and Krissi and We are from Germany.

We get an important homework last week, we have to create a magazine from Portugal.

And we want to know your opinions about Germany. What do you think about our country?

We would be pleaseful to hear some answers from you.

Bye for now!


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Hello there,

What I ear and what I saw (I've worked for a German company and been in Munich many, many times) show 2 very different Germany. On one side I ear, including from people that have been there also but in different parts of the country, that it can be a dangerous place to live in, specifically because of racist (anti-foreigners) movements. On the other side, I think German people are extremely focused people that really give their best at work, while at the same time being able to not to work too much. Contrary to Portuguese people, who is more open and conversational at work, Germans are more closed and "serious" in this environment; however, Germans get out of work and go to cafes and restaurants where there are these big "community" tables and speak to anyone on their side, while here people are much more closed to anyone they don't know already.

Germans care for making things "right", and have the necessary patience to take a bit longer today because they know they will get the big fruits tomorrow.

Good luck with your assignment.


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