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Adicionar na Base de dados via código(urgente)


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No evento Page UnLoad inseres como por exemplo assim:

Dim strConn = "bla bla bla connection string"

Dim objConn As New SqlConnection(strConn)

        Dim objcmd As New SqlCommand
        objcmd.Connection = objConn
        Dim campo1 As New SqlParameter("@Codigo", OleDbType.VarChar)
        Dim campo2 As New SqlParameter("@Nome", OleDbType.VarChar)
        Dim campo3 As New SqlParameter("@Ch1", OleDbType.VarChar)
        Dim campo4 As New SqlParameter("@Função", OleDbType.VarChar)
        Dim campo5 As New SqlParameter("@Ch2", OleDbType.VarChar)
        Dim campo6 As New SqlParameter("@HE", OleDbType.VarChar)


        objcmd.Parameters(0).Value = textbox1.text
        objcmd.Parameters(1).Value = textbox2.text
        objcmd.Parameters(2).Value =textbox3.text
        objcmd.Parameters(3).Value = textbox4.text
        objcmd.Parameters(4).Value = textbox5.text
        objcmd.Parameters(5).Value = textbox6.text


There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works.

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