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[VB.NET] Application Architecture Guide 2.0 (pdf)

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Application Architecture Guide 2.0 (patterns & practices) fornece orientações de com desenhar aplicações construídas sobre o .NET Framework.

É um manual em pdf, gratuito, com a assinatura da Microsoft


Página Oficial

Página para Download


Part I, Fundamentals

Part II, Design

Part III, Layers

Part IV, Archetypes


Foreword by S. Somasegar

Foreword by Scott Guthrie



Architecture and Design Solutions At a Glance

Fast Track

Part I, Fundamentals

Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Application Architecture

Chapter 2 - .NET Platform Overview

Chapter 3 - Architecture and Design Guidelines

Part II, Design

Chapter 4 - Designing Your Architecture

Chapter 5 - Deployment Patterns

Chapter 6 - Architectural Styles

Chapter 7 - Quality Attributes

Chapter 8 - Communication Guidelines

Part III, Layers

Chapter 9 - Layers and Tiers

Chapter 10 - Presentation Layer Guidelines

Chapter 11 - Business Layer Guidelines

Chapter 12 - Data Access Layer Guidelines

Chapter 13 - Service Layer Guidelines

Part IV, Archetypes

Chapter 14 - Application Archetypes

Chapter 15 - Web Applications

Chapter 16 - Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Chapter 17 - Rich Client Applications

Chapter 18 - Services

Chapter 19 - Mobile Applications

Chapter 20 - Office Business Applications (OBA)

Chapter 21 - SharePoint Line-Of-Business (LOB) Applications


Cheat Sheet - patterns & practices Pattern Catalog

Cheat Sheet - Presentation Technology Matrix

Cheat Sheet - Data Access Technology Matrix

Cheat Sheet - Workflow Technology Matrix

Cheat Sheet - Integration Technology Matrix

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