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The best of 2008 @ Physicsworld.com

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It was the year that the Large Hadron Collider was finally fired up — and then abruptly shut down — and 2008 also saw significant progress towards the detection of dark matter. Physicists got a little closer to making practical quantum computers and 2008 saw a few nifty inventions to harvest energy from human motion. US president elect Barack Obama made a few high-profile science nominations that could signal a change in the US government’s view of climate change. It was also a good year for Japanese physics, as three Japanese-born particle physicists won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

1. January: Metamaterials take on sound

2. February: Harvesting energy from humans

3. March: Iron-based superconductor makes waves

4. April: UK funding decisions are slammed

5. May: Perimeter Institute bags top UK physicists

6. June: LHC doomsday scenario grips the world

7. July: Graphene goes from strength to strength

8. August: Slow but sure progress towards quantum computing

9. September: LHC starts and stops

10.October: Some good news for particle physics

11.November: Dark matter breakthrough is tantalizingly near

12.December: Obama chooses physics and the environment

@ PhysicsWorld.com

Um ano e pêras no campo do desenvolvimento da Física. Vale a pena ler os textos contidos no link que sugeri anteriormente.  ;)

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