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TopCoder Spotlight Sessions

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Novo evento @ TopCoder Arena, só para alunos do secundário registados no TCHS:

Spotlight Sessions

TopCoder is proud to present a new series for high school students. Join the new Spotlight Sessions in the Arena.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a TopCoder champion? Is there a problem that you always wanted to ask the pros at TopCoder about but never had the right forum for it? Did you ever just want to get to know your superiors and learn some valuable tips that can help your future?

Now you've got the chance. Spotlight Sessions will feature the best coders at TopCoder in the chat arena for you to talk to. As role models in the TopCoder community, these members will chat with you and answer your questions about how they got where they are today. Spotlight Sessions will include numerous chat hosts like 2008 TopCoder Open Algorithm Champion and Poland celebrity, tomek, multiple TopCoder Champion and number one ranked Algorithm coder, Petr, and the TCO webcast anchorman and decorated Algorithm coder, John Dethridge. Don't miss any of the Spotlight Sessions as they are sure to help you in your future endeavors.

There are eight High School SRMs left until the 2009 TopCoder High School tournament commences. Use these final SRMs for practice to perfect your skills, but also be there to experience the one of a kind Spotlight Sessions. There will not be another forum like this to chat with your role models.

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É uma excelente iniciativa. Temos muito a aprender com eles ;)

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal.", Albert Pine

Blog pessoal : contém alguns puzzles, algoritmos e problemas para se resolver com programação.

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