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GNOME applets with Python

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This article will cover how to make an applet for the GNOME 2.x desktop with the Python programming language. Usually, GNOME applets are made in C, which has the big advantage of generating compiled executables (this means less memory footprint and faster programs) but in the other hand it's more difficult to do it and it takes more time to write the code. Python programs are developed faster, they have fewer lines of code, and it's an object oriented programming language. But it's an interpreted language, so the execution speed can be worse. It's up to the reader to decide if it is worthy writing a GNOME applet in Python. One good aproach is to prototype the applet in Python and then write the final version in C. Here we'll explain the necessary steps to write and deploy a simple applet from scratch using Glade 2 and libglade for the dialogs. Look at the bibliography for an in-deep explanation. Another good source of information is the pyGTK mailing list archives.

However, with regard to the code shown at the tutorial, we advise you to better look at the example section, where you will find some releases that do like it has been explained here, so you can see it growing from a prototype to a really functional applet.

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