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Protestos contra Django e Python

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Vi esta notícia aqui... e acho que merece ser lida!  :P

PETA Targets Computer Programmers With String Of Bizarre Protests

Author: Bryan Woods

Django, the company best known for its agile development framework that competes directly with Ruby on Rails, is perhaps known secondly for their monthly programmer get-togethers.

The parties are usually a great deal of fun, and many in the Python community in Lawrence, Kansas bring along their projects for debugging and showing off.

Fun is one word to describe what happened at last night’s hackathon.  Bizarre is another.

As more and more people started to show up after the doors were opened around 8PM, a group of roughly 25 to 30 white women began to form around the office, dressed in ubiquitous trench coats.

Then, at exactly 8:15, the women undressed from their trenchcoats and stood wearing signs reading “How many lives just for a coat?” and “Snakes are Animals, and Animals are People!”

The perplexed programmers came back outside when they saw what was happening.

“What the hell is going on?  This is fucking incredible.” Jacob Kaplan-Moss said.  Kaplan-Moss is the chief architect of Django and said nothing like this had ever happened before.  “They’re all naked, and these chicks don’t shave anything!”

I decided to put on my best investigative journalist face and asked a woman holding a sign (pictured above) what they were protesting.

“We know what they’re doing in there.  They’re hacking pythons.  It’s barbaric and we won’t leave until the last snake has been saved.”

When I asked Guido Van Rossum, the inventor of Python, what he thought of the women protesting, he had questions of his own.  “What’s a woman?” he asked.

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