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The Python Papers is a free e-journal, including industry and academic articles.

We are proud of the diversity of content in our journal, covering Python User Groups from around the world, conferences and other events, open-source projects and the use of Python in commercial organisations.

Aconselho vivamente a uma vista de olhos ao site. Deixo aqui a "table of contents" do volume 3:

Table of Contents for Volume 3, Issue 1

Letter from the editor Page 4

Industry Articles

Pyfundamentalism: The Emotions Provoked by Python Page 5

What Is ShowMeDo? Page 7

An Efficient Scalar Package In Python Page 21

PyGTK, PyQT, Tkinter and wxPython comparison Page 26

Python Events Page 81

Peer Reviewed Section

Doctest and unittest... now they'll live happily together Page 38

The Python Interpreter as a Framework for Integrating Scientific Computing Software-Components Page 52

Parts-of-Speech Tagger Errors Do Not Necessarily Degrage Accuracy In Extracting Information from Biomedical Text

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