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PyGame 1.8 released

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djthyrax    11

Dear you,

I was walking down the street the other day and pygame 1.8 was

accidentally released.


Well anyway. Have a nice day.'>

* pygame.mask for pixel perfect collision detection

* pygame.scrap for clipboard support

* new and improved sprite groups, including layers, automatically

selecting fastest update mode(full screen or dirty rect updates), and blend modes...

* blending support for filling and blitting surfaces. ADD, SUB, MULT, DIV etc.

* saving surfaces as jpeg and png

* buffer access for Surface and Sound objects

* numpy, and numeric support for pygame.surfarray and pygame.pixelarray

* PixelArray, which can be used instead of numpy - without the dependency.

* smooth scale function written in mmx assembly with C fallback.

* More functions release the GIL for multithreaded use.

* lots of speed ups to many functions via better python wrapping.

* color thresholding, bounding box finding for images, and surface averaging.

* massive documentation updates (which have been available on the website for a while already).

* pygame.time.Clock.tick() is more cpu friendly.

* updates to example programs.

* new windows, and mac installers.

* hardware acceleration updates for overlays and opengl.

* porting work to different platforms.

* heaps of bug fixes including SRCALPHA blitting fixes, 64bit fixes, sound system fixes.

Plus there have been lots of changes to SDL itself since the last pygame release.

* lots of stuff really... but those are some of the nice things. Read the what's new page for full details'>


ps. Balloons and robots are cool.

pps. see readme for credits. Thanks to all the people who helped out :) Time for much beer drinking now I think.


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djthyrax    11

Not quite. O PyGame na minha opinião é dos melhores módulos de Python e esta release traz mesmo muitos improvements importantes, não é só bugfixes, daí ter postado. :)

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