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Jython / Python/FTDI-USB module / Python for Windows Extensions


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Jython is an implementation of the high-level, dynamic, object-oriented language Python written in 100% Pure Java, and seamlessly integrated with the Java platform. It thus allows you to run Python on any Java platform.

Python integrado com Java?! Wow....isto deve ser potente. Tenho realmente que voltar a bater código em Python. O PyUSB tambem é interessante, na medida em que permite programar a porta USB e chips ligados, assim como conversores USB.

# ----------
# import the PyUSB module
import d2xx

# list devices by description, returns tuple of attached devices description strings
d = d2xx.listDevices(d2xx.OPEN_BY_DESCRIPTION)
print d

# list devices by serial, returns tuple of attached devices serial strings
d = d2xx.listDevices() # implicit d2xx.OPEN_BY_SERIAL_NUMBER
print d

h = d2xx.open(0)
print h

# read eeprom
print h.eeRead()

# get queue status
print h.getQueueStatus()

# set RX/TX timeouts

# write bytes (serial mode)
print h.write('Hello world!\r\n")

# read bytes (serial mode)
print h.read(5)

# ----------

Python é fantástico....aproveitem.

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