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[VB.Net] Base de dados 2008

Ivo Pereira

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Boas ppl... desculpem andar um bocado ausente mas tenho tado com muitos testes e determinados problemas ?

Bom é assim, gostaria de aprender a trabalhar com as bases de dados do novo Visual Basic 2008 😛 quer dizer nem com o outro sabia mas OK 😛 podiam dizer-me um tutorialzito para trabalhar com isto ou assim?  ? Thanks 😉

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Saca o 101  samples projects for vb.net 2005

na secção VB101SamplesDataAccess há os seguintes projectos

Asynchronous Queries

Attaching a database with your application

Creating and using user defined types with sql server  2005

Datareaders vs. dataset comparision

Dataset and datatable enhancements

Performing bacth updates

Reading and writings images from a database

Using factory classes

Using managed stored procedures and user defined functions with sql server 2005

Using multiple active result sets with sql serverr 2005

Using notifications with sql server 2005

Using XML data type with sql server 2005

Xpath and xslt transformations enhancements

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