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Este gajo devia ser o presidente do mundo!

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Só li alguns comentários do vídeo, mas este parece-me o mais estúpido de todos:

Are you kidding? Imagine a dude who believed that sort of reasoning could work in the presidency:

"I could make a diplomatic trip to a foreign country, or I could stay here. Well, if I go on the trip, I risk getting shot by someone in that country, which might trigger a big war, and that might escalate via alliances into World War III, and then the nukes come out, and there's nuclear winter for the rest of humanity. Or, I could stay here. At least if I'm killed here, it couldn't trigger a world war, because it's clearly a domestic dispute. So, clearly, I should never make any diplomatic trips ever."

In fact, we already have a US president that followed this exact same blueprint, and look where it got him:

"If we're wrong about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, and we invade Iraq, then that's just tax dollars and a couple thousand lives, worst-case. But if we're *right* about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, and we *don't* invade, then potentially millions of lives could be at stake, including nuclear assaults on US soil! Therefore, we should definitely invade."

The fact is, to say "X is possible" is to say almost nothing about X. Probabilities are relevant to anybody who isn't totally-and-completely risk-averse. Anybody who says otherwise is offering you a sucker's bet -- and if you take it, you'll be a sucker.

Os estudos indicam que vêm aí as alterações climáticas a não ser que se mude.

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