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AOpen i975Xa-YDG : Yonah + 975X Combo!

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We have gotten some information regarding a very cool board from AOpen which is targeted at gamers and enthusiasts alike. This AOpen 975Xa-YDG is based on Intel 975X chipset but instead of supporting the usual LGA775 flavors CPUs like Presler and Prescott, this board supports Yonah dual/single core processors. Yonah is certainly a powerful CPU and possess great overclocking headroom and AOpen plans to include some neat OC functions in the BIOS for users to tweak further such as CPU voltages from 0.7375 to 1.5V, DDR2 voltages from 1.8 to 2.15V as well as FSB adjustments from 166MHz to 266MHz or more.

Other specs include 4 x DDR2-667, 4 x SATA-II and 1 x SATA-II (Hot Plug). Of course, ATi Crossfire is supported too and this Intel+ATi Crossfire combo will certainly provide some serious challenges to AMD+NVIDIA SLI combo in the near future. Let's see when NVIDIA will allow SLI technology to be used on Intel chipsets if they wish to maintain performance leadership on both fronts.

Fonte: Vr-Zone

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