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[CES 2006] Google Pack

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CES - Google co-founder Larry Page gave a keynote address earlier this evening. During the keynote, Google announced The Google Pack, a bundle of software from Google and several other companies.  Programs like Adobe Reader, Ad-Aware, Google Desktop, Google Talk, Trillian and Mozilla Firefox will be included in the Google Pack. Basically Google is begining to integrate commonly used applications together which is actually similar to Microsoft's strategy with its operating systems and could be a sign of things to come from Google.

A special program called the Google Updater also comes bundled with the Google Pack.  What the updater does is it downloads, installs and maintainss all the software in the Google Pack.  If a user already has a certain piece of software already installed, the Google Updater checks to see if it is the latest version.  If it isn't, the updater will automatically begin to install the latest version.  The Google Pack beta is available in English and runs on Windows XP.

During CES, a partnership between Motorola and Google was officially announced.  Motorola is planning to integrate a Google icon on certain phone models so users will be able to easily connect to Google at anytime and perform searches.  Motorola handsets with integrated Google search will be shipped to consumers sometime in the first quarter of 2006.

As early as we are into 2006, Google has already launched a great deal of new services and applications of which almost all of them are free. There is a lot of speculation in the industry in regards to what kind of direction Google is heading in but one thing remains clear -- Google is beginning to run a path that places it squarely in a crash course towards its competitors and partners alike.

Fonte: DailyTech

É mais uma aposta que considero util da parte do Google.

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