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Becoming a Kinect Innovator | 7 Novembro 2011




Becoming a Kinect Hacker Innovator
7 de Novembro (2ª feira) pelas 19h00 

“Last-minute” talk!

Estamos a preparar um mês de Novembro em cheio, com muitas novidades que vamos comunicar nos próximos dias, e eis que recebemos uma excelente notícia que quisemos logo partilhar: Jeff Sipko, da equipa Kinect Hack and Share da Microsoft Corp. e que estará presente no SAPO Codebits deste ano para falar do novo Kinect SDK, conseguiu à última hora garantir a disponibilidade para estar em Portugal uns dias antes, e apresentar em exclusivo para a comunidade de Developers Microsoft uma sessão sobre o que podemos fazer com o Kinect SDK. E nós, claro, não quisemos perder a oportunidade!

Mas, então, o que precisamos saber sobre esta sessão?

Kinect motion sensor broke a Guiness record by being the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever !  Shortly after the device was launched, the community began creating solutions to enable them to connect the device to their computers and consume the sensor data for their own purposes.  We have seen some astounding innovation come from this—enhancing everything from games to robotics to surgery—and this is only the beginning!
This talk will give you some of the highlights of what people have been building with the system, and how they made it happen, then will show you how easy it is to use the tools to start creating your own amazing products with the system!  You are the visionary!  You are the controller!

Relembramos também que o SDK e vários outros recursos podem ser obtidos no site http://research.microsoft.com/kinectsdk.

Encontramo-nos na 2ª feira!
A Equipa de Eventos Microsoft   

Jeff Sipko, Developer Evangelist
Kinect Hack and Share Department, Microsoft Corp.

Jeff works in Redmond as a software engineer for a little company called Microsoft that produces a range of products from operating systems to video games.  As a member of the Kinect Hack / Share team, Jeff’s objective is to help the indie community build awesome apps and games using the Kinect platform!   He has been a part of several experimental gameplay initiatives since joining the company in 2009, during which time he worked on games targeting Facebook, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360.  Gaming has always been in his blood—the first console he owned was an Intellivision—and ever since those first magic moments, he knew that he had to create some magic of his own.

He studied Computer Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, and focused on systems programming and signal processing.  Past internships include Radical Entertainment in Vancouver, and tri-Ace Inc. in Tokyo, as a member of the engine technology team at each company.
Hobbies include all manner of games—video games, board games, and sports!  And, like Eugene Jarvis, I believe that the only legitimate use of a computer system is to play games!

Data: 7 Novembro 2011

Local: Auditório Microsoft Portugal (ver como chegar)

19h00: Credenciação
19h30: Becoming a Kinect Hacker Innovator
20h30: Q&A
21h00: Encerramento 

Registe-se aqui! 

Notas: este evento será conduzido em Inglês. O registo no mesmo é gratuito, e as vagas são muito limitadas 


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