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[Artigo] Artifical Engines - Game Development with Visual Basic.net

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Boas...aqui esta um artigo que fala sobre as Artifical Engines. O que sao, o que contêm...também tem uma pequena entrevista com um dos criadores.

Nao sabia bem onde postar, por isso espero ter posto no sitio certo.

Nota: Uma vez que este artigo contem conteudo exclusivo e para o visualizar é preciso estar registado vou por apenas uma parte do mesmo. Btw...está em ingles.

As some of you may know, Visual Basic .net is not a famous language when talking about Game Development. Why? Well, some say it's because VB.net is not capable of producing good and quality games. Artificial Engines proves exactly that this is not true. Visual Basic .net is as capable of producing games as any other language.

However, the work of creating a game can sometimes be complicated and sometimes we spend more time trying to create a device than programming the game. Artificial Engines just make things a lot easier for us.

What are Artificial Engines?

Artificial Engines, also know as AE, are free libraries for graphics and game development under the .NET framework that help you develop games with .NET and DirectX. "Because we base our graphics only on DirectX we can provide the user with all underlying DirectX objects. This makes the engines perfect for kick starting your DirectX application, while allowing you to extend beyond the limits of Æ with unlimited reach."

"Artificial Engines are perfect for people that don't want to know every tidbit of DirectX programming and would rather focus on game play and presentation. Artificial Engines are a starting platform for ANY kind of games with support for rendering, physics, GUI and editor creation and even basic artificial intelligence."

AE are mainly written in VB.NET with some unmanaged C# and C++ optimizations. They can be used from any .NET programming language. However, AE offer VB developers the syntax goodies they are used to.


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