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[PHP]Quotes bash.org

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Uma função para tirar a quote nr tal ou uma random.

function bash_get($arg){
if(empty($arg)) $file=file_get_contents("http://bash.org/?random");
	if(is_numeric($arg)) $file=file_get_contents("http://bash.org/?".$arg);
	else return "bash.org: Invalid quote id.";

', '', $file);
preg_match("/<p class=\"qt\">(.*)<\/p>/", $file, $quote);
preg_match("/<a href=\"\?(.*)\" title=\"Permanent link to this quote\.\">/", $file, $id);
if(!$quote) return "bash.org quote not found.";
else return "bash.org quote #<b>$id:</b><br />$quote";



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