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Nokia p2p 'traffic control'

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Nokia has introduced what it's calling Peer-to-peer Traffic Control, "to allow mobile operators to profitably manage the bandwidth available for peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic, and thus balance the allocation of network resources".

It names p2p file sharing as one of the types of trafific to be controlled.

The "centralized solution" will be implemented as a software upgrade to the Nokia Flexi Intelligent Service Node (ISN) and will be commercially available during the first half of 2007, says Nokia.

It'll allow users to, "apply their business models by prioritizing the traffic of preferred services and partners, maximize their return on network investment, and avoid becoming only bit pipes for other content providers," states says the company's Roberto Loiola.

The new Nokia application, "enhances the service, subscriber, and access awareness capabilities of the Nokia Flexi ISN to identify data traffic according to the type of service, for example file sharing, so that operators can treat that traffic in a way that best optimizes the use of network resources according to the operators' business strategy."

Nokia will be demonstrating itsd p2p traffic control system at Nokia World in Amsterdam on November 29 and 30, it says

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