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Citrus Alarm Clock

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Citrus Alarm Clock

Tired of setting your alarm clock to a different time each day? Tired of waking up to typical radio fodder or annoying beeps? Citrus can help!

Citrus is a software alarm clock, and the result of many missed busses. As a student, I used to set my alarm clock to a different time each day. Worse, my radio alarm clock was unpredictable. Some days I'd wake up to an unexpectedly loud heavy metal band—the next day, quiet chatter. After sleeping through a quiz entirely, I wrote Citrus Alarm Clock!

Oh, and I because I know exactly what it's like to be a student, Citrus Alarm Clock is absolutely free. Seriously!

Citrus Alarm Clock Features:

  • Set as many different alarms as you'd like
  • Uses your existing media player
  • MP3, WMA, and any other media types are supported as long as you have the right media player installed
  • Fade in alarm audio for relaxed awakening (this really works!)
  • Mute audio overnight until alarm time
  • Easy to use and free

Citrus Alarm Clock Screenshots:


Homepage: link


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