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KillerNIC - Placa de rede baseada em Linux

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"The folks at GDHardare have an interview with Bigfoot Networks discussing the pending release of their Killer Network Card which is said to greatly reduce in-game latency. According to the Interview, this card uses a Linux-based subsystem to do its magic."

Evolution of the Gaming PC

Back in the day, when we gamers wanted the best gaming PC possible, we had to build it ourselves. We all knew the key to a great PC was an awesome video card, fantastic sound card, and all the memory the motherboard could handle. Having those things meant that we could shoot the bad guys all night long, and be the envy of all of our friends. When online games exploded into our  lives, we all knew that the rules of gaming had changed. Performance problems that slowed us down didn’t necessarily slow down everybody else, and we discovered a new way to die – lag...


Mais info: http://www.killernic.com/KillerNic/



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Qual é o preço estimado em Portugal?

Cumps 8)

Isto só deve sair em Portugal daqui a uns meses... não sei o preço estimado.


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