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[PHP]Exemplos explicados de scripts PHP

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Site On-Line com exemplos de Scripts PHP


Access Counters (7) 

Learn how to create web-based access counters for your site.

Bulletin Board Message Systems (8) 

Learn techniques useful in developing your own online discussion forum.

Calendars (1) 

Create online calendars with the help of these examples and tutorials.

Chat (1) 

Need to create a web-based online chat? Learn how to do it here.

Content Retrieval (8) 

Wanna find out how to grab content from the web and put it on your site?

Database Manipulation (44) 

Tutorials covering all aspects of database use and various systems.

Date and Time (7) 

These resources help you learn how to use and manipulate dates and times.

E-Mail (9) 

These tutorials cover all things related to sending e-mail with PHP.

File Management (8) 

Techniques to file browsing, uploading, downloading and more.

Includes: File Uploading (4), ...

Form Processing (13) 

These resources explain how to process a form and use the results.

Guestbooks (3) 

Tutorial and examples relating to builing a guestbook for your visitors.

Images and Graphs (16) 

Tutorials covering all aspects of imaging, especially the use of GD.

Internet Utilities (3) 

Examples of common internet utilities and how they can interfaced with PHP.

Link Management (2) 

Learn various tips and techniques on link management for your web site.

Logging Accesses and Statistics (4) 

Learn how to log user accesses and generate statistics about viewing habits.

Mailing Lists (2) 

Mailing lists related examples and tutorials describing how to built them.

Miscellaneous (31) 

Documents that do not warrant their own category, but are useful.

Online Organizers (1) 

Guides to creating online organizers such as planners, contact managers, etc.

Redirection (6) 

Use these techniques to redirect users to another place based on many things.

Searching (7) 

There are many techniques that can be used to search your site taught here.

Shopping Carts (4) 

These examples and tutorials teach you how to setup shop on the net.

User Management (21) 

User management techniques from sessions to password protection.

Includes: Authentication (7), Sessions (9), ...

Web Page Design (26) 

Learn to create interactive web pages, dynamic menus and more.

Includes: Site Navigation (5),

  Templates (3), ...



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Muito bom mesmo...!!! Será uma grande ajuda para mim nesta fase de aprendizagem e não só. Mas sites que poderão ser de interesse para quem está a aprender e/ou desenvolver postem, pois gostaria de saber. :thumbsup:


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