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We are in the middle database outage in progress.  The site database went into read-only mode at 17:17 UTC today and the db server and site brought down at 18:38 UTC.

Per our standard process we tried to recover in place first, but that didn’t work. Now we are taking further measures to safeguard data which essentially means bringing up a spare and making supplemental backups. The first of the 2 suplemental backups is done. We are advancing on the second. As soon as the backups have completed we will advance the recovery.

Recovery will consist of rebooting the master, checking disks, etc. and restoring our backups onto the spare. We will restore service as quickly as possible and will look into further measures to address this for future such incidents.

The issue is perceived to have been a defect in the database platform or some other system fault resulting in on-disk data corruption. No data loss is currently anticipated.

Representatives of 3 sf.net teams are involved and active handling responses. Further updates will be provided as availble.


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