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Spring School in Advanced Computing TACC @ IST

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May 25 - May 27, Centro de Congressos, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

The Spring School in Advanced Computing TACC @ IST (May 25 - May 27) aims to foster the interaction between the portuguese Advanced Computing community and one of the leading High Performance Computing Centers in the World, the Texas Advanced Computing Centre at UT Austin.

Organized as a hands-on workshop to promote and to trigger interaction with the experts of TACC, it will also be an opportunity for the starting contacts of the researchers involved in the grants under the UT Austin - Portugal programme, as well as the students in Computational Sciences and Engineering PhD Programme, to interact with TACC experts, and an opportunity to share expertise/establish contacts between PT Community in Advanced Computing and UT Austin

Targeted audience: advanced MSc students, PhD students, researchers involved in Advanced Computing with an emphasis on Applications in High Performance Computing


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