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[Python] Informação completa do S.O.

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import win32com.client
strComputer = "."
objWMIService = win32com.client.Dispatch("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")
objSWbemServices = objWMIService.ConnectServer(strComputer,"root\cimv2")
colItems = objSWbemServices.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem")
for objItem in colItems:
   print "Boot Device: ", objItem.BootDevice
   print "Build Number: ", objItem.BuildNumber
   print "Build Type: ", objItem.BuildType
   print "Caption: ", objItem.Caption
   print "Code Set: ", objItem.CodeSet
   print "Country Code: ", objItem.CountryCode
   print "Creation Class Name: ", objItem.CreationClassName
   print "CS Creation Class Name: ", objItem.CSCreationClassName
   print "CSD Version: ", objItem.CSDVersion
   print "CS Name: ", objItem.CSName
   print "Current Time Zone: ", objItem.CurrentTimeZone
   print "Debug: ", objItem.Debug
   print "Description: ", objItem.Description
   print "Distributed: ", objItem.Distributed
   print "Encryption Level: ", objItem.EncryptionLevel
   print "Foreground Application Boost: ", objItem.ForegroundApplicationBoost
   print "Free Physical Memory: ", objItem.FreePhysicalMemory
   print "Free Space In Paging Files: ", objItem.FreeSpaceInPagingFiles
   print "Free Virtual Memory: ", objItem.FreeVirtualMemory
   print "Install Date: ", objItem.InstallDate
   print "Large System Cache: ", objItem.LargeSystemCache
   print "Last BootUp Time: ", objItem.LastBootUpTime
   print "Local Date Time: ", objItem.LocalDateTime
   print "Locale: ", objItem.Locale
   print "Manufacturer: ", objItem.Manufacturer
   print "Max Number Of Processes: ", objItem.MaxNumberOfProcesses
   print "Max Process Memory Size: ", objItem.MaxProcessMemorySize
   print "Name: ", objItem.Name
   print "Number Of Licensed Users: ", objItem.NumberOfLicensedUsers
   print "Number Of Processes: ", objItem.NumberOfProcesses
   print "Number Of Users: ", objItem.NumberOfUsers
   print "Organization: ", objItem.Organization
   print "OS Language: ", objItem.OSLanguage
   print "OS Product Suite: ", objItem.OSProductSuite
   print "OS Type: ", objItem.OSType
   print "Other Type Description: ", objItem.OtherTypeDescription
   print "Plus Product ID: ", objItem.PlusProductID
   print "Plus Version Number: ", objItem.PlusVersionNumber
   print "Primary: ", objItem.Primary
   print "Product Type: ", objItem.ProductType
   print "Quantum Length: ", objItem.QuantumLength
   print "Quantum Type: ", objItem.QuantumType
   print "Registered User: ", objItem.RegisteredUser
   print "Serial Number: ", objItem.SerialNumber
   print "Service Pack Major Version: ", objItem.ServicePackMajorVersion
   print "Service Pack Minor Version: ", objItem.ServicePackMinorVersion
   print "Size Stored In Paging Files: ", objItem.SizeStoredInPagingFiles
   print "Status: ", objItem.Status
   print "Suite Mask: ", objItem.SuiteMask
   print "System Device: ", objItem.SystemDevice
   print "System Directory: ", objItem.SystemDirectory
   print "System Drive: ", objItem.SystemDrive
   print "Total Swap Space Size: ", objItem.TotalSwapSpaceSize
   print "Total Virtual Memory Size: ", objItem.TotalVirtualMemorySize
   print "Total Visible Memory Size: ", objItem.TotalVisibleMemorySize
   print "Version: ", objItem.Version
   print "Windows Directory: ", objItem.WindowsDirectory



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