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Um jogo descontinuado... Andei a desenvolvê-lo por um koxe e depois fartei-me. O post era assim:


Several persons were very enthusiastic with the idea. I spoke with some of the best creators of pirates' games, contacted corporations and finnally came up with an idea.


Feel free to visit my server: Upload your stuff or play Dragon Knight On-line. - Server is not working... Only for test porpuses.


Screenshots (Beta 2):

Main Menu: mainmenu8pz.png

Playing: sealand3gq.png

In town: town1vl.png


Download Beta 2:

.zip-file - 1901KB


Features in the new version:

- Smaller pirate.

- No mountains.

- Incapability to go out of the room boundaries.

- New sound for landing.

- Updated credits (F1).

- Pirate walking speed changed.

- New controls are the direction keys, but you can still use the keypad.

- All known bugs fixed.

- Town Interface.

- Game doesn't force resolution changes.

- Shooting abillity.

- Changed Ship.

Features to add in BETA 3:

- More beach and sea - NOT DONE

- Better graphics - NOT DONE

- Town Merchant - NOT DONE

- Town Bank - NOT DONE

- Town Inn - NOT DONE

- Town Governor - NOT DONE

Só o continuaria se alguém se oferecesse como fazedor de gráficos (preciso muito). Façam o download e disfrutem.


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