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Open source up 26% in the enterprise

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More good news for the open source community just in: an analysis of its enterprise customers by OpenLogic found that for 2007 as a whole, the use of open source among enterprise customers is up 26% year-on-year. Enterprises on average used a whopping 94 different open source packages last year, compared to 75 in 2006…

OpenLogic -- which provides enterprises with a certified library of open source software that encompasses hundreds of open source packages via OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) – also found that Apache is still the most common license in packages used in enterprises today.

Its breakdown of licenses for the top 25 packages found that Apache, not the GPL, is the most common license. 62% of the packages use Apache, 27% use some variant of GPL and 4% each use BSD, CPL, Eclipse, MPL and Perl licenses (since packages may be released under two or more licenses, percentages total to more than 100%).

OpenLogic also said it plans this year to launch The Open Source Census, which it says will expand the statistics collected and reported on enterprise open source adoption.

The Open Source Census, announced by OpenLogic in December 2007, is described as a collaborative initiative designed to provide enterprises with a way to easily inventory the open source software installed on their machines, and anonymously submit that data to The Open Source Census.

Data collected in The Open Source Census will be aggregated and shared publicly on the Internet and will also be available to the enterprises who contribute data.

For more visit www.openlogic.com.

Fonte: Slashdot


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