French police abandons Microsoft's Internet Explorer for open source Firefox

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PARIS (AFX) - The French police force is abandoning Microsoft Corp's Internet Explorer web browser for the Mozilla Foundation's browser Firefox, the gendarmerie's information technology head said at the end of a conference by supporters of so-called open source computer technologies.

The police force's 70,000 desktop computers are being converted to Firefox and its email client Thunderbird because of the navigator's 'reliability, security and inter-operability with other state services,' said General Christian Brachet, IT director of the police force.

The move should be complete by the end of the year, he said. It follows the police department's decision last year to migrate from the Microsoft Office suite of applications to OpenOffice for all of its desktops.

Firefox has now taken over nearly 18 pct of the French Internet browser market, approaching the European average of 20 pct, according to a survey carried out in January by XiTi Monitor, an Internet site quality management service.

But it still has a way to go before matching the 38 pct market penetration the Mozilla navigator has achieved in Finland.


Bem, julgo que esta é uma mudança importante para a Mozilla Foundation. Pode ser mais um passo para conquistar o mercado europeu. Se todos os departamentos policiais da Europa mudassem para o Mozilla Firefox a quota de mercado subiria até 55%, segundo uma estatística que vi ano passado (alem de que, apanhariam mais ladrões com certeza... :biggrin:). A ver se encontro o link..



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Acho muito bem que mudem....Afinal o pais tem que evoluir! :biggrin: :cheesygrin: :biggrin:



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