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[Python] PySysLauncher

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An useless program :D

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from Tkinter import *
import tkSimpleDialog, sys, os

class PySysLauncher:
def __init__(self):
	self.version = '0.1'
	self.text = "PySysLauncher, versão %s\nby djthyrax\n\nPortugal-a-Programar.org\nA comunidade portuguesa de programadores"
	self.splash = Label(Tk(), text=self.text % (self.version))
	self.cmd = ''
	while self.cmd == '':
		self.cmd = tkSimpleDialog.askstring("Run", "What do you want to run?")
			self.cmd = self.cmd.strip()
		except AttributeError: # Sair caso se clique no Cancel
	os.system(self.cmd+" &")



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