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ZOPE é um servidor aplicacional para criar CMS (content management systems, intranets, portais e aplicações custom).

A comunidade ZOPE consiste em centenas de companhias e milhares de programadores de todo o mundo, trabalhando na construção da plataforma e das aplicações ZOPE. ZOPE é escrito em Python, uma linguagem de scripting orientada ao objecto altamente produtiva.


Releases de ZOPE actuais:

Existem duas releases de ZOPE, a estável que é antiga mas mais comprovada e testada e a release em desenvolvimento com novas funcionalidades mas ainda não está completamente estável.

Estão diponiveis para download versões para Windows, Solaris, Linux e também downloads do código fonte

Download Zope 2.9.0 the current Zope2 stable release. # http://www.zope.org/Products/Zope/2.9.0

Download Zope3 3.2.0final the current Zope3 stable release. # http://www.zope.org/Products/Zope3/3.2.0final

Zope 3 Releases #  http://www.zope.org/Products/Zope3   

Add-on Packages # http://www.zope.org/Products/Zope3-Packages

What Can Zope Do For You?

Zope can help you create dynamic web applications such as portal and intranet sites quickly. Zope comes with everything you need including support for membership, search, and news.

Its easy to use tools allow teams to productively and safely work together. Zope provides top-notch access to databases and other legacy data. Zope's open support for web standards such as XML-RPC, DOM, and WebDAV allows you unparalleled flexibility and interoperability.

On top of what Zope offers out of the box, there are useful applications available for those who need something right away:

The CMF (Content Management Framework) adds numerous tools and services to Zope to allow community or organization based content management, complete with a workflow system and a powerful customization framework. The CMF Workflow system uses Zope's built in security architecture. One thing this allows is for the "edit permission" to be taken away from an author who has submitted a document for review and publishing. This ensures that what the reviewer sees cannot change during or after review without the author intentionally taking back the document.

Plone is a ready to use content management system that puts a polished interface on top of the CMF. With its own installers available, you can download Plone and have a community or organizational web site immediately whose content, such as news items, documentation, and events, is supplied by members of the organization. The organizations in question can range from a large internet community, large and small companies, and even church groups. Because it's built on the CMF, it delivers the same powerful set of tools mentioned above while augmenting behavior with helpful content entry forms and validation.

Icoya is a retail, shrink wrapped content management system based on Plone. The structure of layers (Zope, CMF, Plone, Icoya) showcases the flexible power of Zope.

Silva is a web browser based publication system for creating publications for different media, including web and paper. Silva focuses on the authoring, versioning, and publishing of complex documents.

Bizar Software offers a retail full-featured e-commerce application built on Zope. Complete with its own installers, Bizar Shop allows rapid development and maintenance of online store fronts. Bizar also offers hosted solutions for their application.

Numerous tools are available in the "Helper Products" area for developers to use to build even stronger web sites, including form building and validation, LDAP connectivity, HTML converters, and more. Many other products are available from the downloads page.


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