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Web Hosting Server Gratis Com Suporte A Python

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Este é um Web Hosting Server gratuito que suporta também Python:

Nome: 110mb

O que oferece:

- 24/7 helpdesk & forum for instant answers

- 24/7 server monitoring to recover "trouble"

- Using Debian Linux OS running on Apache 2.0

- 99.13/99.18/99.64% Uptime (March/April/May data.)

- Own server held company

- No traces of forced ads anywhere. Clean page.

- 2 GB (2000 MB) web space

- 100 GB (100,000 MB) monthly transfer

- 5 MB max file size upload limit (See file hosting  directory to store bigger files or if storing files only.)

- FTP Access (CHMOD Allowed)

- MySQL Database v5.0 100 queries per hour

- GD Lib support

- PHP v5.1.4

- Mod_Rewrite Enabled

- Shockwave & Flash

- Run Zend encoded scripts (Zend Optimizer)

- XML support

- CURL enabled

- SSI support

- Online File Manager (Unzip compressed files from  the server!)

- ImageMagick support

- 110DBManager (better then phpMyAdmin)

- Zlib Enabled

- Run IonCube encoded PHP scripts

- Total CGI and Perl scripts support (.cgi, .pl)

- ASP pages support (.asp)

- Python support (TorrentFlux not allowed!)

- IceCast support

- FrontPage Extensions

- Curl

- DOM XML support

- Sendmail and/or Register_Globals ON

- Safe Mode OFF

- Push-Button Application Installer (supports 20+  CMS/forum scripts) HOT!

Link: http://www.110mb.com/plans.php



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